Virtual Field Trips: Google Expeditions and more!

K-1 students experienced an underwater adventure using Google Arts & Culture on the Ipads. This was just one section of a lesson where students read a story, played a game, and explored the ocean on their own before beginning to draw the animals they explored.

For older students (2-12th grade) try a Google Expedition. The teacher becomes the “guide” and the students become the “explorers” venturing to many different locations using either iPads or Iphones/Droids with Google Cardboard for a fully immersive experience. Google Expeditions our scripted for the teacher and show the students certain things to examine. Request assistance with Kendra to model this (and even bring the set of Google Cardboards!)

Observing and examining is just the beginning of lessons with virtual field trips. Have your students design their own using Storysphere where they will take panoramic photos, write a script, and narrate their tour into the device.