Makey Makey and Coding on iPads

Makey Makey is an invention kit for everyone, and at the Kirkwood Stem night students got to experience the power of circuits with this kit. You can have students play a banana piano, use play dough and play Mario Kart, or design their own game on Scratch and use lead or another conductor! We have Makey Makey kits available at the County Office, and if you have an idea for your students to try we would love to make this a reality. Hosting a STEM night? Have us come and bring the Makey Makeys!

Students also got to try some of the free coding games on the Ipads. With the support of parents or individually, students got a few quick lessons on coding that could be done in the classroom or at home! The younger students used Daisy the Dinosaur and the older students used Swift Playground to begin. For questions on how to bring this into your classroom fill out the request form.