Quizlet Live VS. Quizizz

Maybe you have used Quizizz, Quizlet Live, or Kahoot to assess students at the end of the period in a fun way. Kahoot seems to be the most popular, so today we will be jumping into a 6th Grade class at Vista to see what is used and why.


Kahoot is timed with all of the students reading the questions or being read to at the same time. Quizizz is much more student paced, while you can choose to reward for pace or not. Quizizz is a wonderful tool to use to preteach information, see what students know/don’t know, and then repeat the same Quizizz to REASSESS!

The video above shows the differences between Quizizz and Quizlet Live. Quizlet Live groups the students into teams, they then work together to decide who has the right answer on only ONE student’s computer. The game gets LOUDER, full of communication about what is right. Students are then competing against teams. This is wonderful if teaching a concept that requires discussion, while Quizizz and Kahoot may be better for lower Bloom’s Taxonomy like teaching vocabulary.

All of these tools are very similar for the teacher to setup, so try them out and tell us how it goes! If you need any help trying these in the classroom, fill in the request form for help!